Notary Public Services

Notary Public Services

We are a notary and law firm located in the center of Glasgow. Not only do we have many UK customers, but we also provide professional services to many international clients. As an international firm, we have liaison offices around the world. We can not only provide customers with a variety of notarized documentation services, but also to assist customers to complete various international business. We can also arrange professional translations to translate documents into various languages.

What services can our notaries provide to you?

Notaries can provide authentication or witness the vast majority of documents to facilitate their use in international business. If necessary, notaries can also arrange for legal certification of documents, or notarized certification (apostille).
When you need to use documents abroad, you need a notary to provide you with such professional services. The signature and seal of the notary can confirm the validity of the document, ensure that any relevant verification has been performed, and that the document is signed correctly.

What is the difference between a notary and a lawyer?

Notarization is a small, but highly specialized, segment of the entire legal industry, and its main area of expertise is the preparation and provision of certification documents for customers to enable them to use them in international business. Notaries are a group of experts who are proficient in international law and are well versed in the requirements for the use of authentication documents in other countries.
Lawyers are familiar with the legal practices of the countries in which they practice and usually provide expert advice to clients on domestic legal matters. The scope of notarization and approval is worldwide, and all documents notarized by notaries will be kept in detail. Our business covers both notaries and lawyers, so we can help our clients prepare the use of documents in the UK, as well as provide them with the convenience of using them around the world.

What is the legal or notarized certification of documents?

Many countries require notarized documents to complete the process of legalization of documents. The process is to carefully verify that the notary’s signature is authentic and approved by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Once the authenticity of the signature has been confirmed, a certificate labeled “Notarized Authentication” (Apostille) is included in the document in the form of an annex.
Sometimes documents also need to be legally accredited by a foreign embassy or consulate, thereby confirming that the notary’s signature is consistent with their record. The need to meet this requirement depends on the provisions of the country in which the document will be used.

Foreign language documents

If a document needs to be notarized in multiple languages, then the document requires a professional translation and an interpreter to sign a statement confirming that the translation is authentic and valid.
If a document needs to be notarized in a foreign language, we need to be sure that the signatory of the document understands the language and understands the specific content it has signed.
As a commercial law firm, we have liaison offices all over the world. We can not only provide customers with a variety of notarized documentation services, but also to assist customers to complete various international business. We can also arrange professional translations to translate documents into various languages.

What kind of documents does a notary need to confirm his identity?

In order to implement the anti-Money Laundering Regulations 2003, the notary industry must keep sufficient evidence of the identity and address of each customer in the file before undertaking the business.
For each signature we certify, the signatory must, when entrusting notarization, provide the original of the following identity documents:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license (photo card required)
  • National identity Card (EEA Member States)
  • Army Pass (photo and signature required)
  • Gun Permit (photo and signature required)
  • Other government-issued identity documents (with photos and signatures required)
  • Residence permit Parts
  • Original welfare certificate or notice issued by the Social Welfare Bureau

In addition, we need the latest proof of address, and one of the originals of the following documents can:

  • Bank statements or Bank letters
  • Utility bill or home tax return tax (mobile billing does not apply)
  • Housing lease agreement or UK housing association rental card
  • IRS tax Returns or self-declaration forms

When we represent a company customer, the customer is required to submit evidence of the actual incorporation of the company entity. Any of the following documents can:

  • Company Registration Summary
  • Certificate of Company Registration
  • Latest company reports and audited accounts reports
  • Latest authentication documents for partnership agreements
  • Accept evidence of regulation by regulatory bodies such as the British Law Association or the Financial Services Authority

In addition, each individual signature needs to be certified by the above authentication documents.

How do I estimate the cost?

We can usually estimate the required cost in advance. In order to confirm this, please let us know when contacting us as follows:

  • What kind of services do you need: witness signatures, authentication document text, access to notarized authentication documents, and so on?
  • Required file types: For example, do you need to prepare a notary power of attorney that needs to be witnessed?
  • Who needs to sign or submit these documents: are these personal documents, or are they prepared for the company?
  • How many documents do I need to prepare?
  • In which country do you want to use these files?

If the number of documents required is large, or if multiple copies are required for the same document, we may provide a fee discount for this purpose.

Provision of notarization services for individuals

The notarization services we provide to individuals are:

  • Copy of passport and other identity documents
  • Official power of Attorney
  • Certified copy of the document
  • Transfer of land, housing and equities
  • Company Incorporation Documents
  • Lost Passport, share certificate or other documents
  • Proof of oath witnessed by a notary
  • The single statement you need to get married
  • Swear
  • Permission documents agreeing to a parent’s travel with a child
  • Notarized certification and document legal certification at all consulates and embassies
  • Application for foreign adoption
  • Certificate of Address Certification
  • Immigration Guarantee Form
  • Acquisition/sale of overseas vehicles
  • Abandonment of nationality
  • Change name authentication
  • University degree certificate and other academic and vocational qualification certification for the United Kingdom

To provide notarization services to the company

The notarization services we provide to the company are:

  • Notarization of the execution of a power of attorney on behalf of a company, a limited liability partnership or other business organization
  • Notarization of the establishment, registration regulations and company charter certificates of British companies
  • Incorporation of the company
  • Registration documents for trademarks, patents and registered designs
  • Notarization of company certificates for good records of UK companies
  • Provide certified copies of company resolutions, minutes, reports and other company documents
  • Authentication for directors, company secretaries, or other company management
  • International affidavits, sworn statements, court testimony and transcripts, etc.
  • Notarization of the execution of commercial contracts
  • Provide document certification assistance for companies to open branch offices or bank accounts outside the UK or UK
  • Provision of notarization services for commercial mortgages in international finance
  • Certificate notarization for Intellectual Property certification
  • Notarization of copyright infringement notices
  • Oath, sworn statement and court affidavit
  • Certified equity issuance by notaries
  • Property transactions, transfers, acquisitions and sales