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Various types of notary, legalisation services in the United Kingdom

We are a practicing law firm and notary in the UK. We not only have many UK customers, but also provide professional services to many international clients. We can not only provide customers with a variety of documents notarization certification services, but also assist clients to complete various international businesses, including the British (European Union) British overseas territories, the Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands company registration, Annual review, tax return, change, cancellation, recovery, search, ready-made company purchase, VAT tax number, UK (EU) barcode, UK (EU) notarization, UK (EU) trademark registration. We can also arrange professional translations to translate documents into various documents.

In order to work in all countries of the world, it is necessary to submit the power of attorney, declaration, academic certificate and other documents to a professional notary public before they can be used by the government. So how should the certification of legal documents be carried out? Dr. Liu’s law firm is qualified as a notary public in the UK and handles a large number of notarizations. He will answer the frequently asked questions about certification and remind you that from September 11th, the Chinese Embassy in the UK will handle foreign-related applications. The documents required for notarization of real estate or other significant property will be subject to the new regulations.

Why do you want to be certified?

To put it simply, if you want to transfer a country’s documents to another country, you need to obtain the country’s certification to determine the authenticity of the document.

What is the Hague certification/International Notary Covention de la Haye Apostille ?

Multinational document certification can be used between the Hague-certified countries, namely the Hague certification.

The Hague certification can be used in any member of The Hague, including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Macau, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands, Panama, etc.

The method of certification is to submit the required documents to a qualified notary for certification, and then the notarization of the relevant country can be completed. Please note that documents from mainland China cannot be notarized in The Hague. Documents used in mainland China need to be double certified.

What is dual authentication?

Double certification two steps

Since non-Hague member states cannot do notarization in The Hague, if they want to use documents between countries, they need to do double certification. The above is a dual authentication flow chart.

The double certification first passes the required documents to the qualified British notary certification, and then the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs certification, and then need to go to the relevant embassy for notarization. The time for the Chinese Embassy to be certified is 15-20 working days.

This means that if the documents in the UK are to be used in China, they need to be certified by the British Foreign Office and the Chinese Embassy before they can be used. For example, a person who lives in the UK all the year wants to entrust the relatives and friends in China to do things. In addition to signing a power of attorney, it must first be certified by a British notary, submitted to the British Foreign Ministry for certification, and finally returned to the Chinese Embassy for stamping and then returned to the country for use.

The above is the legal document after the certification of Lihe Liu, the seal and signature of Mr. Liu certified by the British Foreign Ministry, and then certified by the Chinese Embassy.

The materials required for different notarisation procedures and the specific handling methods are different. The common types of notarial certificates are as follows:

A. Power of attorney

The notarization of such power of attorney needs to pay attention to the signature of the principal must be completed in front of the notary, and the power of attorney must not be altered. Legal acts such as adoption, gift, will, commission, statement, etc. cannot be delegated to another agent.

  1. In the case of a property letter of attorney, a resident in the UK may entrust a third party to act as agent for the sale of the property.
  2. In the case of a divorce litigation, a resident in the UK may entrust a third party to act as a proxy for divorce proceedings.
  3. Other civil powers of attorney: The preparation materials are the same as the property power of attorney.
  4. If the foster care is entrusted, the parent of the foster child shall submit and submit the identity document of the foster person, and the certificate of relationship between the foster and the foster.

B. Notarization of the statement

The signature of such a power of attorney must also be completed in the presence of a notary public. The date of the declaration should be the date of submission of the application and must not be altered.

  1. The property declaration form, providing the original and copy of the valid passport, the original and copy of the valid visa or residence permit in the UK, the statement written by the black ink pen, etc. In the case of a property gift, the declaration shall be handled by the domestic notary office or the relevant institution of the country of residence.
  2. The single statement, the Chinese and English version of the single statement is the necessary document for your marriage in China. If you have divorced in the country, you need to submit the original and photocopy of the divorce certificate. If you are divorced or widowed in the UK, you should provide the British Court’s Divorce Judgment or the original spouse’s Death Certificate.
  3. For other civil declarations, the submissions are basically the same as the above-mentioned property declarations. The specific materials required can be contacted by our law firm.

C. Civil defence

When you choose to return to the country as a defendant, you must provide the court with a notarized civil defense.

You need to provide the original and photocopy of the valid passport, the original and copy of the valid UK visa or residence permit. It should be noted that the signature must also be completed in front of the notary public. The reply should not be altered and the application date should be submitted.

How long does it take for notarization?

The speed of the British Foreign Office’s recent handling of document notarization shows that if the document is notarized quickly, the result will be received in about 3 days, but it usually takes about 2 weeks to complete. It takes a week for the Chinese Embassy to be expedited, so if you need to do double certification, the entire process now takes 3-4 weeks to complete.

However, if the documents are only used in the UK, for example, to the relevant UK government agencies, financial institutions, the Department of Transportation (DVLA), etc., then we can provide the same day certification services, without the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy certification.

If you have a large number of copies of the required documents, or if you need more than one copy of the same file, we can offer a discount for this.

Providing notary services to individuals

  • a copy of the passport and other identity documents
  • Official power of attorney
  • A certified copy of the document, such as a degree certificate
  • No criminal record application and certification
  • Transfer of land, property and stock
  • Company registration document
  • Lost passport, share certificate or other documents
  • A sworn certificate witnessed by a notary
  • Single statement required for marriage
  • Oath
  • A license file that consents to the travel of one of the parents with the child
  • Notarization and document legal certification at all consulates and embassies
  • Foreign adoption application
  • Address certificate
  • Immigration guarantee form
  • Overseas vehicle purchase/sale
  • Abandon nationality
  • Change name authentication
  • University degree certificate and other academic and vocational qualification certificates for the UK

Provide notary services to companies, organisations

  • Notarization of the execution of the power of attorney on behalf of the company, limited liability partnership or other commercial organization
  • Notarization for the establishment, registration regulations and company charter certificates of British companies
  • Company incorporated
  • Registration documents for trademarks, patents and registered designs
  • Notarization for a good record company certificate of a UK company
  • Provide certified copies of company resolutions, meeting minutes, reports and other company documents
  • Provide identity certification for directors, company secretaries or other company management
  • International affidavit, sworn statement, court testimony and transcript testimony, etc.
  • Notarization for the execution of commercial contracts
  • Provide document authentication assistance for companies opening branch offices or bank accounts outside the UK or UK
  • Providing notarization services for commercial mortgages in international finance
  • Provide certificate notarization for intellectual property certification
  • Notarization for copyright infringement claims
  • Oath, sworn statement and court oath
  • Certified by a notary
  • Property transactions, transfers, acquisitions and sales