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How to marry in the UK

According to British law, anyone who is 16 years old and in a single state and who does not have a blood relationship can apply for marriage in the UK. However, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, children under the age of 18 must be allowed by their parents or guardians.
People who hold British nationality, EU nationality or have a valid UK visa will not be subject to immigration control in the UK, but if they are subject to immigration control, they need to apply for marriage and pay the application fee to the designated agency before marriage.

If you are staying in England or Wales with a short-term visa, you should stay in England or Wales for more than seven days before submitting your marriage application and show proof that you have not left the country. For details on how to calculate these seven days, please contact the designated department for details. There is no such rule in registering marriage in Scotland. In England and Wales, both parties preparing to marry are required to leave the designated area for seven consecutive days until the registration department issues a notice allowing marriage. Different government departments have different requirements for submitting materials, but in general, it is easier to register marriages in Scotland than in England. You need to make an appointment with the marriage registration department in advance to get a marriage application. After you get a reply, you and your marriage partner must submit the marriage application form and related documents. You need to bring your name, address, age and nationality and current marriage. The status of the document. If you have had a marriage, you will need to bring the final judgment of the divorce or the death certificate of the former marriage partner. After submitting the relevant information, you will be able to register for marriage in the designated registration department after 28 days.

If you are subject to immigration control, you must submit a marriage application to the relevant registration department before you get married. All registration authorities are designated in Scotland and Northern Ireland, while only 76 registration authorities in England and Wales are accepting marriage applications.

If you or your marriage partner is non-EU nationality, cannot provide legal identification and is not permanent in the UK or has a legal visa to stay in the UK, the registration department will submit the marriage application to the Immigration Department if the Immigration Bureau suspects the authenticity of the marriage and commences The corresponding investigation will increase the processing period from 28 days to 70 days . If the processing phase is extended to 70 days, this means that you must accept a relevant review by the government department during this period. If you refuse to accept the government department’s investigation, the marriage application will fail.

I wish all the couples in the world will become a genus, and they will be married!

How to divorce in the UK.



Love at first sight, flash marriage in Las Vegas, this is not a scene that will appear in movies. Many lovers choose to marry for various reasons. No one will plan to divorce or separate in advance. This is probably the most repressed event in a person’s life. If unfortunate feelings break down, how to apply for divorce registration in the UK?

Married overseas, can you divorce in the UK?

One word: Yes. Four words: different from person to person. According to British law, regardless of where the marriage is located, as long as the party applying for divorce has long lived in the UK, a divorce petition can be filed from the UK. Of course, you first entrust a trustworthy and experienced lawyer to handle the divorce petition. If the marriage certificate is in Chinese or another language, it needs to be translated into English.

British divorce: Due to the system should

If you apply for divorce, derailment, marital misconduct, abandonment and long-term separation in England and Wales can be a reason for divorce. But unlike this, there are two situations in Scotland : one is that the marriage breaks down to irreparable; the other is because the partner’s sexual orientation has changed or has been living with a transgender and the divorced party is living in the UK to apply for a divorce. Due to the different laws related to divorce in different parts of the UK, the specific circumstances need to refer to the relevant laws of local divorce or consult relevant lawyers for help.

If both partners agree to divorce, they can divorce through a document agreement without going to court; if a partner has a mental illness, they can participate in the divorce procedure by their relatives or friends, or representatives of the court designate.

A divorce involving a child requires clear and clear legal advice. It is important to ensure that this process has minimal impact on your child’s life.

Can I bring my child back to China after the divorce?

It is worth noting that if you have children and want to bring your child back to the country or bring it back to your place of birth, it is very important that you consult a professional lawyer before the law violates the law, because in some cases it is easy. Involved in violation of the law.


The divorce procedure in the UK is very complicated and cumbersome, so it is necessary to find a qualified lawyer to help with the processing. The lawyer will submit a divorce application to the court, including arrangements for the husband and wife property division, child support and other aspects. . If the spouse does not agree to the divorce, he can also unilaterally request a divorce lawsuit.

If you decide to divorce, deal with it as soon as possible because any decision of the partner and related laws will directly affect the outcome of the divorce.

No matter what stage you are at, we can help you! If you are planning to marry or cohabit, you may need to consider how to protect some of your property. In Scotland, premarital agreements (and post-marital agreements) and cohabitation agreements have legal effects.


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